Porch Restoration

Porches are a complex part of a historic house or building, each with its own unique configuration and detailing.  The porch is a building component that is most subject to the impacts of weathering and moisture with replacement of key components, such as the decking, railings and steps, occurring more than once in a building’s lifetime.  Restoration of these components requires an understanding of the porch elements and the detailing of each of the component parts but also of the intrinsic value of a porch as the welcome center to a home and an extension of the living space.

Below are examples of porches that Tom and Margaret designed as part of their work at Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects.  The knowledge gained from the restoration of these porches is provided when detailing the restoration of the porch for your home.

Boonton Holmes Public Library

Metlar-Bodine House, Piscataway

The Blackwell House, Franklin Township